Concrete Floor Polishing & grinding

Concrete polishing is becoming increasingly popular in many industrial locations like warehouses, in office and retail locations, and in homes, because it is a useful, flexible, and cost-effective method of surfacing or resurfacing concrete. It is extremely wear resistant, very effective solution for high traffic and industrial flooring areas.

Service Preparation Includes:

  • Dustless control
  • Ceramic tiles adhesive removal
  • Pail Removal
  • Epoxy roll coat removal
  • Thick carpet adhesive removal
  • Smoothen rain damage concrete
  • Preparation of clean concrete
  • Scratch removal

What is Concrete Polishing?

The process itself involves using Diamond grinders to open the surface of the concrete, then adding a water based densifier/hardener. This reacts chemically with the concrete making it harder and dust-proof. Resin diamonds are then used to polish the surface and give it a satin, semi-gloss, or glossy finish.

The grinding process can be done to three different levels, ranging from a surface shave known as “concrete milk” to a deep grinding that exposes aggregates like marble, granite, or terrazzo chips. Polished concrete can then be densified or color-stained, resulting in durable, low-maintenance, and high-gloss installations.

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